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Sell Wine Guide begins!


I’m very proud to launch

A few years ago I worked for a Napa based wine retailer and then first witnessed the amazing wines that come through the secondary market. As I developed this channel for my former employer and interacted with the private wine sellers I noticed that most of them had little knowledge about the “sell wine” market. Many of the potential sellers didn’t know how much their wine was worth and few had actionable information about wine appraisals.

Information asymmetry was understandable before the emergence of the Internet, but for some reason this subject was overlooked. I noticed that the sparse information that’s out there is scattered, out dated and difficult to obtain. That’s when we decided to collect the information into a single definitive sell your wine and wine appraisal guide.

We think that this guide can help both private wine sellers and the “sell us your wine” stores. More information, and transparency makes for more efficiency and better results. We also want to help out individually, so feel free to shoot us an email!

Good luck!



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