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Stores to sell your wine to

straight purchase

Guide & list of sell your wine stores

We've listed some of the best stores and platforms that are looking to buy private wine collections.


We're also happy to take a peak at your list and help guide you to the right place.


There are several types of stores and auctions houses that you can sell wine to:

Straight purchase stores will usually give you a lump sum offer for your collection or part of it's rather straightforward.

Consignment platforms like to take less risk but may be more suitable for some people who sell thier wine. 

Major auctions are often a fit for large high value collections but have large premiums and are very discerning.

Straight wine purchase stores


One of the most famous, renowned and largest wine stores in San Francisco, K&L buys wine directly and also has wine auctions as well. Since they’re so big and well respected they claim they can offer more to wine sellers than others. K&L also offers auction services with a 0% seller’s commission if you’re willing to accept store credit. Link

East Coast Wine Buyers

New York based ECWB has been buying wine and spirit collections for over a decade and has a full national reach. A well respected buyer of vintage wines, ECWB provides fair upfront offers with no hidden fees or charges and replies to all inquiries within 24 hours. There is no minimum quantity/value for inquiries and they encourage all collectors to reach out for a valuation. Link

Falcon Vintners

This UK based is a highly distinguished purveyor of fine wine specializing in supplying its clients with some of the world's best fine and rare wines. While they deal in all major regions they’ve reach high acclaim for mastering the Italian fine wine segment. They provide straight cash purchases and brokerage services. Link

Veritas Wine Buyers

Located in Westchester County, NY, but buying wine from all of the U.S. they promise high prices, simple process and quick payments. Veritas purchases entire collections and does not cherry pick. They encourage collectors to just reach-out and get valuations.   Link

Epic Cellars

With locations in California and Illinois, they have a very informative website that describes the way they buy wine collections and what they’re looking for. They encourage anyone to email them with a list.  They state that they typically remit payments 24 hours after receiving and inspecting the wines. Link



A well respected wine store from Connecticut that is very much engaged in buying wine collections from private individuals in straightforward sales. They encourage people to submit any list they may have buy they like to focus on Bordeaux, Burgundy and Napa. They also do appraisals. Link

Maison du Prix

A major buyer of fine wine collections in the U.S. Maison du Prix has 18 years of experience and promises very fast turnaround with responses to submitted lists and fast payout. Maison du Prix only does straight cash purchases and has no minimum lot sizes. Link

Probably the largest online wine retailer in the U.S. has a professional staff they offer a free appraisal. They note that they expect the submission to have be worth at least $10,000 with each bottle priced above $50. They’re very big and that’s an advantage but it can also be too big. Link


An old and respected store on New York’s Long Island Sokolin has a great reputation and practice direct straight purchases and consignments. They imply that they appraise for free. They also boast to have great seller services that make the process smooth and easy. Link

Wine Consignment Online

Probably the biggest fish in the online consignment space, Winebid started in Napa California but now has a presence in Illinois and Hong Kong as well. They accept small and large lots and run regular auctions and sales on their website. Unlike the major auction sites Winebid targets a wider audience of differing wealth. This could be the main source for selling “obscure” wines. Some big wine buyers love them. Link

UK’s online wine auction website. While the site is not much to look at they seem to have a lot of listings. You can set up offers one by one or do whole lot upload. Their commission rates starts from 5.5% on over 2,500 Pounds to 8.5% for under 200 Pounds. They also charge a listing fee of 1.75 pounds which is only charged it the lot is sold. Link

Fine+Rare UK

A renowned UK broker and storage company that is very active in the secondary market. They offer free valuations and once you have your wine in their storage you can offer it on their peer to peer (and possibly peer to store) marketplace. Link

Justerini & Brooks

The oldest wine merchant in London, granfather to J&B whiskey and with un paralleld reputation, this sotre offers to broker your wine or a straight up purchase. Customary free appraisal and a top service. Link

Major Wine Auction


An international auction powerhouse, Christie’s reputation extends to anything luxury. Getting auctioned at place like Christie’s probably extends the reputation of your lot and can perhaps lead to better results. They can expected to be very discerning with a hefty seller’s commission, they’ll probably require a sizeable lot to begin with. Link

Hart Davis Hart

A renowned Chicago establishment, Hart Davis Hart is one of the biggest names in wine auctions. Focusing on wine they are considered highly professional and with a great reputation. They seem to be less restrictive in the minimum lot sizes and it looks like they’re worth a shot to send a list to. Link

Acker Merral & Condit

Unlike the other major auctions houses mentioned here, Acker, Merral & Condit of New York focuses on wine and spirits and has very long history (almost 200 years) and claims to be the number 1 wine auction house in the U.S. They offer complimentary appraisals and “first class” service. Link


According to their website they are the only major auction house to deal in wine in New England. They’re located in Marlborough, MA. Skinner auctions and consigns fine wine (among are and other valuable objects). They're rated by the Quarterly Review of Wines as one of the most professional wine auctions in the U.S. Link

Some of the auctions houses also have online auctions that can function in a similar way to the online wine consignment type stores
Wine Consignment
Major Wine Auction

Peer to Peer Wine Sales

This is one of the leading wine forums in the world. It’s full of very savvy and fanatical (berserkers) wine lovers. They people who visit to forum love to find good deals and it can be a good platform for peer-to-peer sales. Please read the rules for the commerce corner carefully. Link


Craig’s list it the biggest classified ads website in the world and people trade almost anything there. Classified Wine and spirits are also offered through Craig’s list and there could be some gems there. We encourage you to look up selling tips for Craigslist as well. Link

Another Napa based online consignment space. They’re trying to get into this space and so are much more aggressive (cheaper) in their pricings. They boast zero listing fee and only a 5% sellers commission. Link

A UK based inventory management and trading platfrom in which is the settling mechanism for all transactions. Listing wine for sale is free and seller's commission range between 4% and 6.5%. This is an option open for international sellers not just UK. Link

Sell your wine peer to peer
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