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Wine Storage Guide

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2nd base wine journey

For many people the 2nd base in their wine journey is the discovery that drinking wine at 55-60 degrees vastly improves it's taste. So the real first benefit of adequate wine storage is to simply drink wine at the right temperature (not room temperature and not refrigerator temperature.) This is where the small counter top wine refrigerators start showing up at your home.

3rd base maturing wine
3rd base maturing wine

The next step happens when people buy more wine than they plan to drink right away. Whether they were on a trip to Napa, or they joined a mailing list they don't want to just keep their wine in a cabinet, they want to make sure it's safe... They start to care of the wine's well being and comfort. Usually that entails a larger refrigerator or even a small wine room with a temperature control unit. 

Home run - not enough room! not in the right space! what about humidity?!

At the home run plate - wine is more that just a drink, it's a passion. And as with other passions and hobbies your closed soon runs out of space. This created the need to keep your wine outside of your home in well guarded, temperature and humidity controlled facilities. They do more than just storage. They'll accept your wine orders from mailing lists and stores, they'll (likely) inventory your wine and some have become clubs for wine nerds and geeks. These storage facilities will also likely be able to help you sell your wine or find opportunities to buy more wine!


Storage facilities range from fully managed systems to locker rooms to being just a refrigerated space at a local general storage facility. 

Oeno Vaults - Santa Rosa, CA

An excellent high-tech storage facility in Santa Rosa, CA that boasts excellent temperature and humidity controlled environments coupled with seemingly easy to use online management tools that allow you to peruse your wine list and send shipments without talking to anyone. Their Sonoma wine country location is good for people on California wine lists that need to park their wine. Link

The Cellar - Beverly Hills, CA

With super chic interiors like a Hollywood club, The Cellar Beverly Hills presents itself as a lifestyle as much as a storage facility. They boast 24/7 access to your wine collection and have wine lockers of varying sizes from 50 to 1,500 bottles. They also have a full service web app to manage your collection. Link


London City Bond - UK

A bonded warehouse business that dates back to 1870 - London City Bond at it's current iteration is likely one of the biggest fine wine storage operations in the world responsible for 6 million cases. While mostly dealing with institutional and trade clients, their "Vinotheque" service is open to private individuals. Link


55 Degrees - St. Helena, CA

Open since 1999 fifityfivedegrees is a reputable wine storage facility in Napa Valley. The storage facility itself is inside a storage warehouse from the late 19th century. They have 3 levels of membership and they provide wine lockers of various sizes and also an inventory management system. They also do local winery pickups. Link

Chelsea Wine Storage - New York, NY

Claiming to be "the only wine storage facility in all of New York City" Chelsea Wine Storage houses more than 25,000 cases of wine at a 10,000 Sq ft. facility that boasts online access, state of the art security, pickup and delivery services and no minimum quantities and setup fee. Link 

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