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Sell Wine Guide

We’ve been involved in the wine business for many years and have noticed that there’s a huge information asymmetry between professionals and customers, buyers and sellers etc. There are thousands of blogs discussing Burgundy and Bordeaux but no blogs that tell you where and how you should sell those wines.

That’s what Sell Wine Guide is about. Allowing our readers to arm themselves with information about the various options they have when it’s time to sell their wine. We also think that this will help the industry and bring greater efficiency.

In past jobs we were involved in dozens of private wine purchases. Some were small lots that ranged at the $1,000 range and some sold for almost half a million dollars. We wanted to lend from our experience and become a resource for this market by helping wine sellers and buyers alike.

We’re here to help and we’ll gladly take a look at your wine sale list and let you know what we think.

Hotwine, Inc.

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