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Wine storage facility in an historic New York landmark - interview with Chelsea Wine Storage

Courtesy of Chelsea Wine Storage

We've recently added a new section to our guide, focusing on wine storage facilities. Keeping wine in the right conditions is crucial for the long term appreciation of the value of a wine collection whether you plan to sell your wine or enjoy it yourself. Usually people start down the road of proper wine storage with small countertop refrigerators and for the enthusiasts it likely ends with not having enough room in the house for wine.

Scarcity of room to store wine may be a problem all over the country, but, nowhere is space more condensed and expensive than in New York City. We're starting our Wine Storage Guide interview series with Tom of Chelsea Wine Storage. A reputable wine storage facility in the highly posh Chelsea district in Manhattan. The cellar is actually located beneath the famous Chelsea market on 410 West 16th St.

Sell Wine Guide: Please tell us a bit about your wine storage facility how long you’ve been in business? What are the conditions of temperature and humidity?

Tom of Chelsea Wine Storage: We have been in business since 1997. The temperature is between 53-55 and humidity is between 70-75.

Sell Wine Guide: There are several different types of wine storage facilities. There are the simple locker box type that are totally managed by the customer and then there are the fully managed storage facilities that inventory all the wine and provide online management. And there are those who mix and match based on the customer’s needs? What category does Chelsea Wine Group belong to?

Tom: Chelsea Wine Storage combines both options, private lockers and inventory control storage with online management.

Sell Wine Guide: I'm sure that in New York, few people have extra space in their apartments for storing lots of wine. What are some of the special services you offer for New Yorkers? Do you accept wine deliveries? Provide same day in-city deliveries?

Tom: Yes, we accept deliveries from wineries and local wine shops. We do provide same day delivery and customer pickup options.

Sell Wine Guide: In 2012 hurricane “Sandy” hit New York and flooded lower Manhattan including a wine storage facility called Wine Care. I was briefly involved in trying to extract wine from there to no avail. What type of protections and insurance does Chelsea Wine Storage employe to protect the assets of collectors from storms, burglary etc.?

Tom: During hurricane Sandy, we had no damage what so ever. We are fully insured by Lloyd's of London and have water sensors on the floor throughout the facility.

Sell Wine Guide: Some of the wine storage facilities around the country provide additional benefits like being a social wine club venue or being a retailer as well. On your website we saw that your affiliated with Chelsea Wine Vault, can you tell us more about it?

Tom: Chelsea Wine Vault is owned by the same person as Chelsea Wine Storage, and is located right above the storage facility inside Chelsea Market.

Sell Wine Guide: It is mentioned on your site that Chelsea Wine Vault also provides appraisal and cellar management services as well as help selling wine collections – the primary interest of our website. Can you elaborate on how people utilize Chelsea Wine Vault to appraise and sell wine?

Tom: Usually they will give an appraisal if a storage client asks about selling some bottles. Consignment is usually the way they go.

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