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How to sell your wine online guide

First step is to take stock of what wine you have (use this file to help organize). Accurate information will make the process much easier for your self and the stores and will increase the likelihood and quality of the offer they may make. - Read more.

While the vast majority of wine that’s out there doesn’t have any demand in the secondary market – it usually doesn’t hurt to ask (you can send us an email with your list and we'll take a look). Also, in whole-lot sales the retailers may take all the wines you have if that’s what was negotiated. - Read more

Provenance is a really important concept when it comes to wine collections and is of paramount importance when wine stores buy wines from private individuals. "Good" provenance means that the chance of a bottle of being excellent is high. There are some common bottle issues and conditions which you should know about. - Read more

Seller's Premium, Auction, Consignment, Cherry Picking, Whole Lots - Wine stores purchase wine collections in many diffrent types of sceanrios and deals. It's important to understand their terminology and concepts. Read more

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There are many stores arround the world that would love to get thier hands on fine pre-owned vintage wines. We've put togther a list of a few of the notable stores in each sell wine channel. Read more

An important step in selling your wine is figuring out how much it’s worth, but also also keep in mind that you’re not likely to get the current market worth but 20%-30% below that. You can do a self wine appraisal using sites like or send it to a prospective stores who usually do it for free or hire someone. Read more

Now it’s time to seal a deal. Find out how these processes usually work. What’s negotiable and also learn tips to getting a better deal by understanding the economics of the wine buyers and their different methods. Read more

Here we answers questions that we think come up a lot. If you don’t find an answer you’re looking for. Please let us know and we’ll try to help out. Read more

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Need Help? An Opinion? Want us to review your list? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by email, send us your list, we'll let you know what we think.

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